Most Companies have their own Web Site now.   All too often though, when asked, they admit to not being happy with their current site.

We specialise in Database Driven Web Sites offering content and images which owners can change themselves.  This is often referred to as Content Management and can be done on any computer via a normal browser. This is done using password secured Admin pages built into your site.
If you have a Web Site and would like to have more control over it's content and how it functions, give us a ring.

If you don't have a web site yet and like the sound of more control, give us a ring.

Reqularly changing site content is very important for search engine rankings. Google wants to provide their customers with current, relevant sites matching their chosen search criteria. Not sites "Last Updated 2006" !!!

Having control of the content of at least a couple of your sites pages enables the site owner to alter the keyword density of specific search phrases helping to dynamically improve search enginge rankings.. View a small portfolio of sites we have designed.

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If you would like to talk to someone about database driven web sites and how you can use them to improve search engine rankings please ring now.

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