Accessibility Features of this site.
Accessible web sites can be used without a mouse or even a screen.

Try navigating this web site with keyboard only, it's much easier than you might think. You can also use the Tab Key to move from link to link on each page.

Visually impaired visitors use talking browsers. If you would like to try a talking browser click on the link below to download a trial version of one of the latest on the market.

                              Link to Jaws 10 Screen Reader download
Keyboard Access
Keyboard shortcut commands available from the navigation bar of this site are shown below. These commands are designed to help users with difficulty in using pointing devices such as a mouse.

Depending on your browser type use one of the following   
Microsoft IE4 press 'alt' and number at the same time.
Microsoft IE5 press 'alt' and number then press enter

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Web Design
Graphic Design
Baked-Design for Accessible Web Design, Graphic Design and Multimedia Design in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
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